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Fine Art Photography by Jerry Schmutz

There is an element of art in almost everything we see. The trick is to isolate that element and capture it in an image. My photographic objective is to make an image that reflects a unique or unexpected point of view. When accomplished well, it is like capturing a bit of magic - once and gone.


My personal relationship with a camera began with a simple "don't leave home without it" with my first Brownie that accompanied me on family travels as a child. It continued during a brief period as a commercial pilot, throughout my many years in business, as I transitioned from film to digital, and remains with me after transitioning in retirement from a professional business career to full-time photographer. 


I am a late adopter of digital, but even as I regret the passing of that special domain of darkroom and chemicals, I enjoy the creative process between camera and computer.


Welcome to CAVU Photo, LLC.

Aviators often use the letters "CAVU" to describe the clearest weather possible:


Navigating the world of photography is the same:

imagination and vision without limits and with no upper boundaries.

Look for something out of the ordinary in an otherwise ordinary world,

and then try to capture it in a photograph. 

Don't go anywhere without a camera!